Expat Sites

Expat Sites

Below is a list of expat websites.

Sooner or later you will probably want to look at one of these if you have just moved to Portugal.  If I am missing any please let me know.  All these websites were live at the time of writing. Some are international with a Portuguese section and a few are purely for Portugal.  If you have any particularly favourable experiences with any of these let me know.  As long as you are independent of the website of course!

I have never actually asked a question but found some useful information from the threads.  Stating the obvious maybe but the only thing I find with a forum is that you have to bear in mind if you search a question is how old the answer is and how relevant it may be now.  The company with the damaging report may well have improved, or gone out of business due to the negative review that keeps coming to the fore on the search engine.

These sites usually give you an opportunity to meet with fellow expats.  It may well be that on coming to Portugal you want to immerse yourself solely in the new culture, language and get to know the locals, make some Portuguese friends.  I have made some excellent Portuguese friends and enjoy the company of my neighbours, but realistically only with those who speak English or French.  Until my Portuguese is fluent it will stay that way.  All nationalities have something to offer and I find that expats usually have very interesting backgrounds by the very nature of them having moved here.















www.expatsyellow.com (a yellow pages type website with English speaking companies)

www.uk2you.com (shopping)

www.pureportugal.co.uk (this is a property website for central portugal both sale and rental, but it also has useful information on buying property and a book section).

www.silvercoastlife.com a website packed with information on what to do on the Silver Coast.

http://www.theportugalnews.com (an online newspaper)


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