The Water Bill and The System


This morning I went to pay the May water bill. Every month we get a bill for 12.07 Euros and pop into the Multibank (cash point, ATM, hole in the wall or what you will) to pay it. I tried to pay it at the Multibank the other day but strangely it wouldn’t let me.  “Are we a couple of days late?” said Zed. “You know what they’re like.”  I went to the Town Hall to pay it instead.

Now I know the system at the Town Hall. On entering you take a ticket to wait for the particular counter you need. You take a ticket wherever you have to queue to pay anything in Portugal; post office, meat counter, Via Verde. Took me a while to work that out.  Now I’m trained to always look for a ticket machine. Even if there isn’t a queue you’ll be sent back to get a ticket anyway. But I digress.


I was told the bill had already been paid at the cash point a couple of weeks ago. Hurray!  I’m too efficient for myself.

But no. Thing was, I had accidently paid the May bill first instead of the April bill, leaving April’s unpaid. But instead of the payment being transferred to April it meant the computer said April’s bill was unpaid. So, a thirteen pound extra charge. Just for putting in the wrong reference.  Duh.

Above ground swimming pool

Can’t do without water!

Sometimes life’s a beach and at others it’s just ‘muito complicado’.


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