You Know You’re Addicted When…


“D’you want a coffee?”

“Mmmm, yes please.”

“Thought you were having a shower?”

“Um, yeah.”

Not saying I’m addicted.  It started with a glass of wine in the bath, maybe candles, loads of bubbles and champagne as advised by all the glossies.  Maybe a book or a newspaper in there too.   Then, aha, a little early for wine, maybe a coffee instead.

Marilyn Munroe

Marilyn with bubbles

Onto the shower.  Nothing better than a splendid coffee to greet me when I get out, dripping, huddled in a fluffy towel.  Then this morning…it happened…standing in the shower, water pouring over my head….I REACHED FOR THE MUG.

Zooey Deschanel/Elf

Not Alicia Sunday, but Zooey Deschanel in ‘Elf’

Oh no!  The bathrooms are still under renovation so there’s no shower screen to stop me.  As I stood there, sipping the hot, golden roasted bean liquid, blissful warm water running over me, I realise I may, just may, be a tinsy bit addicted to coffee.

Time to review the situation.  I used to sit in gridlock traffic in Cambridge on the school run and take a thermal mug filled with coffee to while away the time.  Look at the view, listen to Chris Evans, drive an inch or so.  I take the same flask on school runs in Portugal.  Why?  There’s no traffic jam and I have a thirty second turnabout after dropping off child one. I manage to down half the flask in the time it takes for daughter to clamber out the car. The other half is drunk luke warm an hour later as I drop off child number two.  Then home to a nice cup of….coffee.  That’s after the first two I’ve had before actually leaving the house.


I thought about my cool Pennsylvanian cousins’ Facebook posts.  Full of healthy, inspiring stuff.  Ayurvedic yoga, links to sites with recipes involving lettuce and carrot juice.  I think they have a point.  I think this may be the way to go.


So next time I drop off the kids I’ll be the one with the hot carrot juice, the lettuce biscuit and er….probably the bad back.


Oh, one more thing, this is what I’m singing along to in the shower….

Of course!

…and its cheaper and healthier than a cup of coffee too.


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