But What About The Gagging Law?


Yep this blog is supposed to be non-political and about Portugal but er…oh today there I was reading about the English Crown Prosecution service taking three men to court for taking food that Iceland had thrown out, and then the other day…the UK gagging law….looking like it’s going through…well I thought I’d just better write something…quickly…before time runs out for anyone with an opinion the government doesn’t agree with.

We fought two world wars for THIS?

We fought two world wars for THIS?

I mean, here I am, sipping my coffee and wondering what will happen to us bloggers and all those organisations fighting for the rights of….anything…once this law gets under way. Oh, I expect it’ll start with a few scapegoats hitting the papers with a bang, the main individuals opposing the law will have their reputations smeared in a Julian Assange type way so that everyone turns against them, then before you know it…it’ll be like the terrorist law where you get stopped if you’re out at the wrong time of day carrying a holdall. Except swap holdall for ‘WordPress’ and all the other social media sites out there.


Just saying. While I have the chance.

Well, I’m off to make hot chocolate and macaroons. Remember those? From jolly old England and all that?

hot_chocolate_drink_kaffeekaennchen_230447 Five_on_a_Treasure_Island_(novel)_coverart french_macaroons_dessert_236737phone_booth_london_england_237825



2 thoughts on “But What About The Gagging Law?

  1. Hi, We are loving reading these they are great.
    Could you pass on a message to Mr Indoors . We have tried sending several emails in reply but they keep getting bounced back.
    So good to hear how well you are all doing.
    Love from us all, Jane.


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