Walking on stilts: Obidos Revisited


I wobbled across the floor on a pair of wooden stilts.  Hey, I still had it!  We were at the Toy Museum in Obidos.  Of course at this point we were supposed to be watching the light display or the Natal Luz.  Hmmm, I’ve heard that somewhere before I hear you say.  Wasn’t that what you were trying to do in the last blog?  YES WE WERE!  We were jolly well supposed to be watching them New Year’s Eve and missed them, and then, because I don’t like failure or maybe because once I have an itch I need to scratch it till it bleeds, or for whatever reason we went again on New Year’s Day.  We arrived with plenty of time to spare.  Then waited.


While I polished off a bag of hot roast chestnuts Zed strolled up to a wooden booth in a dark corner and noticed a small sign that said in Portuguese that the Christmas village was closed due to the rain.  We concluded that this extended to the Natal Luz, the light display we had come to watch.  We strolled away, while other couples came along, stood, looked for the light display and walked off.


On the bright side we discovered the charming toy museum.  Scary, but true, it had some toys that I remember from childhood oh, a while ago.  Santa showed us up to the first floor exhibits and then we were let loose on the top floor where you are allowed to play with a good selection of outdoor, traditional wooden toys.  I hogged the stilts, my daughter semi-mastered the cock and hoop.  Zed found a pair of stilts for adults and managed some stairs with them.  Jae pulled himself back and forth on a kart and we all had a go at some floor games.  We were the last to leave.  I think, in fact, they were waiting for us to go so they could close. Sorry.


We rounded the evening off with ice cream and hot chocolate almost reliving a second childhood, until I spoiled that myth by ordering ginga liqueur in a chocolate cup.  Which I fully recommend along with the toy museum.



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