Everything but the kitchen sink


“Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, the kitchen isn’t finished in the upstairs flat!”

Well not a flat/apartment exactly but like many Portuguese houses ours has been made so that it can either be one big house or divided into two separate living areas.  We’ve gone with the latter idea and decided to put a kitchen upstairs as well as down.  Starting with upstairs.

Sometime around the end of November Jean Paul something de Local, a recommended carpenter, was booked to put in some wooden kitchen units which he very efficiently did and very nice they look too.  We were then left to call Diggory, the builder, to sort out the work top and buy the sink, cooker etc. ourselves.


Somehow between then and now life became one long chaos of carol services, trips to Zurich, the parent visiting for Christmas and going back to England because it was too cold, looking for Christmas crackers (unsuccessful), writing Christmas cards (not yet posted), finding a British shop for mince pies (successful, hurrah!) and Christmas shopping. Oh hang on I haven’t done that yet.  Oops, two days to go, thank goodness for Santa Claus.



“Do you think it’s too late to call Diggory now?” I said as I stuffed another mince pie in.  What I hadn’t yet done was called the builder to fit the work top, choose a cooker, a microwave, a sink and anything else that would have been useful for cooking a turkey with trimmings on Christmas day.  Hmmm.  Can a turkey fit into a small, round halogen oven I wonder?  On the bright side, we have a camping stove so we can manage the Brussels sprouts.  The children will be pleased.

Room for a turkey?

Room for a turkey?

Nope we can’t get an oven tomorrow because we have a three hour drive to the village house in Castelo Branco to pick up the Christmas tree.  Must get our priorities right.  Looks like a nut roast this year.



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