Curtains and Christmas Cards

Last night a curtain pole and curtains in the living room were put up by Zed in a flourish.  The poles and finials came from Ikea, surprisingly they don’t screw in properly, but the beige linen curtains look splendid.  The room was transformed into a cosy, Christmassy cave ready for a real fire and stockings to be hung on the mantelpiece.  The Christmas lights have already gone up, there is tinsel on the piano and we just need a tree. Even Bing was singing away in the background – Crosby, not Chandler.


Few friends know our new address so I’m not expecting the usual plethora of cards.  I don’t know what the tradition is for Christmas card swapping in Portuguese schools but as there is a lack of job lot mini packs in the shops I suspect it doesn’t happen to the same extent as in the UK.

Cards by 'Little Brown Rabit',

Cards by ‘Little Brown Rabit’,

I love home made cards and always keep them, yet for some reason I do still have dozens of shop cards sent to us last year and even some from the year before (why – did we seriously transport them across Europe, was I going to make gift tags, am I that sentimental? )  Maybe we should save everyone trees and postage in these strange economic times and just put those up.  Would that be weird?  Okay yes.

Guess it’s time to send mine now I can sit in our cosy room by the fire – with curtains.  Finally.  Hurray!  Oh, but I have yet to make the cards.  Doh.

For putting by the tree on Christmas Eve.  Available on Amazon £4.99 or less.

For putting by the tree on Christmas Eve. Available on Amazon £4.99 or less.


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