Thank You for My Award!


Well, getting this award made my Sunday morning, so a big thank you to  Which, to those of you who know me, is very appropriate, considering the many bags of half finished crafty things and scraps of fabric, jewellery wire and beads we have brought with us to Portugal.

To accept this award I have to tell you eight things about myself and nominate eight other blogs which manage to get a good yarn/information across in the time it takes to boil the kettle for the many cups I coffee I drink throughout the day.

Firstly, I would have included and, but craftinginportugal has already pipped me to the post!

Anyway, before I waffle and break the rules of the award, here are eight things about me.

1.  I have just published a children’s book for 7-9 year olds called ‘The Rivoli Wigwam’.  It will be available on in digital format and in print tomorrow, 9th December.  Sorry, I know, the last sentence is a shameless plug.  Well it is Christmas.

2. I adore sushi.  I miss sitting in Cambridge eating sushi.  But – I also like sitting in Leiria eating sushi.  Which I would probably miss if I were in Cambridge.

3. I love making short films.  I even like running local film festivals.

4. In England I used to organise craft fairs and promote local arts, crafts and food.  This is in the belief that we should all try to eat local seasonal produce and buy recycled or locally made goods when and where possible.  Or encourage it.

5. I love walking through woods collecting kindling then coming back to a real fire with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

6. I fell in love with and bought an old MG which is currently stored in England.  Next spring I hope to import it to Portugal where it can only be driven for six months due to the British plates.  Then I will have to sell it or go back to England.

7. I eat half a bar of chocolate everyday.  Except on weekends.

8.  I am a hoarder.  Although I am proud to say I have just filled two bin liners with clothes to take to charity.  Now I just have to get them out the house quickly before I go through them again.


Now for the nominations – ta daah!


13 thoughts on “Thank You for My Award!

  1. I see you got the snow sorted, how can you manage to eat half a bar of chocolate ? I am not sure I would have the self control …. I am definitely with you on you fact number 5 … simple pleasures are the best ! OH and thank you for nominating my other blog ( Central Portugal ) …


  2. Hi, thank you for nominating me for the award it was really sweet of you. Due to time limitations I’ve not posted anything to my blog since Oct. My Bad! I’ve been on a poetry course and rather time poor. Must get back to blogging agin. Thanks for the inspiration


  3. Thank you for nominating me, I will upload the nomination on my blog later today. It will give me a great excuse to explain why I ended up with an afro hairstyle when I was 21 instead of my usual haircut. My mum was horrified, but then so was I when I woke up with an afro and a hangover.

    An MG wow, can you get it re registered in Portugal? Or will it cost an arm and a leg and too much stress?

    All the best P N


  4. I’ve looked into registering a British car here. If you do it within six months of arrival (too late for us) it is incredibly stressful. After six months and yes, it’s an arm and a leg. Probably the head too. Do we get pictures of you with the afro?


    • Post up, nope I am happy to say no one had mobiles with cameras in those days.
      Strange, I thought you might be able to import and register a car at any time. If Portugal is anything like Italy, it will be expensive and very stressful. Give me the car when you are bored with it and I will register it here 🙂


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  6. Thank you for the lovely nomination and huge congratulations on having your book published! 🙂 I will struggle to write a post to accept in the near future, but I will get to it. Many thanks and “Merry Christmas”!


  7. About your MG, go to Alfandega aduaneira and have a chat with them because I’m returning to Portugal in January and I’m bringing my mini with me. What can I say. , I love that car and it would cost me 4.8. Grand to legalise it there but then I spoke with alfandega and now I am in the process of geting it register for 350 euros . ( big difference) . Because I am an uk resident I will be legalising a good I already own and not actually importing it. The terms are that you need to be an uk resident for at least 3 years and own the vehicle form at least one year. If that is your case do check it out.


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