The Best Cheese in Town

Enjoying the cheese festival "aargh not more cheese!"

Enjoying the cheese festival “aargh not more cheese!”

Little white vans race into our village every day selling linen, frozen food, vegetables, yummy cakes and crusty fresh bread.  This morning though I discovered another van I will get hooked on.  The cheese lady.

Now then, I am the only one in our family who really likes cheese.  The last local cheese I bought from a festival was a round of strong smelling, strong tasting goats cheese.  I had to eat it all myself.  It took so long to eat it followed us round from Portugal to France.  Now I am cheeseless.


A small bucketful for 7 euros

My neighbour Maria, who speaks French, was waiting on her doorstep this morning.  When she mentioned she was waiting for a cheese van I was beside myself with enthusiasm and raced in for my purse.  I poked my head out the window, listening for the sound of the horn.  The van approached, wickedly silent.  The dog barked, warning me.


Fresh and creamy, like mozarella

Maria had chosen a round of hard cheese.  She pointed to a large, creamy looking cheese at the front.  “Very fresh”, she said in French.  “It was made this morning”.  My heart stopped with delight.  I glanced at the hard, goats cheeses, then back at the soft one.  Would it be too strong?  Too stinky?  Would I end up throwing it away or trailing it round Europe with me determined to finish the damn thing.  I bought it, a small bucketful for 7 euros.  Raced upstairs.  Found some crackers and cheese.  Aah.  It was creamy, like mozerella.  Not strong tasting, a little bland even due to its freshness.  A dab of jam with it.  Some fresh coffee.  This is the life.  Bring it on, sunshine.


Eaten with a dab of cherry jam. Bliss.


6 thoughts on “The Best Cheese in Town

  1. Is this similar to what we in the US call a cream cheese? I don’t know what I’d do if I bought a smelly cheese by accident, lol. I’d be tempted to toss it.


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