Puppy Love


This morning I went to fetch the ‘Horrid Henry’ book from the car.  My neighbour was standing in the road holding guinea pigs.  Oh no, wrong, not little guinea piggies, my brain did a double take; they were actually two gorgeous puppies.  I wanted to grab them and shout ‘mine, mine’ like a child.  They were maybe a day or two old, eyes just opening, hair silky and soft.  I ‘aahed’ and cooed, and she clearly got the message that puppies are my thing because she went and fetched, yes, another four, eyes still shut, even younger, from a different mum.  Oh heaven.  She motioned me through big green gates into the yard opposite and I saw the mothers, two cute terrier type little dogs with long hair looking happy and contented as new parents.  Oh my goodness, there’s nothing like a puppy to make your heart sing.


I then checked my emails.  After a long and tiresome wait we’d had a call from an estate agent on Saturday night about the house we had offered on. Good news, the original buyers coudn’t get a mortgage.  Bad news, someone else had exceeded our offer and did we want to match it?  Yes we sure did.  So that was that until this morning, that’s four tense days of waiting later.

Now then, to throw some chaos into the picture we also have another house in mind because this first one already had an offer on it.  Whichever one we got first, we figured we’d go for, good old fate would decide for us.  So I open an email and hurrah, we have been offered the second house at the price we want to pay!  Then I spot another email that had come in a couple of hours earlier.  Hurrah, we have been offered the first house at the price we want to pay!  Now what do we do?

There was nothing for it.  I closed the laptop and went outside to have another look at the two puppies.  A sleepy looking black and white one and a bright eyed tan and white one.  My husband was so taken with them he suggested we buy one.  It is very tempting.  I expect we would each favour a different one though, then what would we do?



4 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. I would love an Airedale puppy, I checked the prices last week 900 euros!!! My wife suggests we go and rescue some scabby dog from the dog pound…. So we are off to look for a slightly mad scabby dog to fit in with the rest of us.


  2. That’s just what we did. The little cute ones we went for were already reserved so they talked us into an 18 month old big black Labrador German Shepherd cross. She has turned out to be the best natured most lovable dog we could have had. Still space in my heart for that cute little puppy though!


  3. babies of most varieties steal your heart – well they do mine ………………. Sounds as though you found a beautiful companion.

    good luck with your house decisions !


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